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Sink we’ve got the Lad era faucet single handle again works great hot coals everything’s good and we ran these for quite a while make sure is no leaking underneath quarter turn shutoff valves Pro flows Bea fluid master braided stainless steel supplies tubular p-trap tubular extension everything’s tight and so this is that in here Kohl er toilet this is the High line classic.

Straight from Home Depot again these two shutoff valves I didn’t have enough balance to learn and award these from Home Depot Lowe’s or brass craft with they are quarter turn so quarter turn to the right or clockwise shuts it off quarter turn to the left turns it on so those are great and then the brave again a fluid master braided supply line for the toilet and these were set the first time that I was here so those these all been tested these are great or can you find that is this bathroom in the hall bath we have same.

Things so think poppet Lad era and hold for sprays nice blow very nice looking faucet and underneath same thing as per contract so quarter Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey turn shutoff valve those are pro flows and then the fluid master braided steel stainless steel supplies tubular p-trap together extension all tied in and again we let these run for a while just make sure there’s no leaking in here and monitor this area if you would all three cabinet areas you just take a peek occasionally and make sure that there’s not.

Even a hint of moisture down here anything against a weep an angle stop you know it’s one of those shutoff valves a braided supply line any part of the waste assembly give me a holler come back out right away take care of it in here although the other color Kohl er toilet High line classic and quarter turn shutoff valve and that’s a brass craft from Home Depot and then a Fluid master braided stainless steel supply line and they’ve been using this for a few days now so they’ll feed back but I’m assuming it works great.


We got to hear some of this stuff out and of course it’s going to cost you, even more, money so follow all of the building codes if you don’t know what they contact your local building department or do some research on the internet and see what you can come up with but done Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

don’t forget that if you find something on the internet it might be for a different town or community and it might not the building codes in your area might be different so if you do get some information it might not be for your area.

that’s why I’m suggesting to always check with your local building-authorities tip number and another tip that most people do not follow and that would create a plan and do not change it and this is a biggie I cant tell you how much money it will cost you can cost you if you start changing things during the remodel.

so take your time draw up a plan get as many pictures as you can off the internet figure out what the budget what’s going to what everything’s going to cost do all of your research get to get everything done that you can possibly think of and then move forward on the project does not move forward on the project.

if you’re not one hundred percent clear on everything and I understand some of you are not going to know what it’s going to look like you can look at some pictures and get some ideas but you’re not going to see what it looks like until.