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Thing I do is I go over the car and make sure there’s no scratches, dings, dents, and make sure the interior is good, the windows are good,there’s no scratches.And I also take a look at the defrost lines.Sometimes you’ll see a little black maroon the defrost line.If that’s cut, then the whole line won’t work.LARRY Really. ROB You know?You go over, if there’s any stickers on the car.

You want to ask them if they want to save that sticker, or if they just want to throw it out.LARRY So what do you do for that?ROB Well, what I do is, I heat the sticker up.And I peel it off very slowly.I want to try to save the adhesive on the sticker.So that’s why window tinting service you heat it.It gets the adhesive soft.I peel it off.And then I do a laminate on it.It’s kind of like a clear film.And it sticks on the window by static cling.LARRY After we tint, we can put it back on?ROB Yeah.We can stick it right back on.

And it’s got no adhesive on it, so it won’t interfere.Then we ask the customer, what are they doing a tint for.Are they doing it for privacy, looks, just protection of the interior?We prep the car.LARRY Now, when I first came to Rob, I wasn’t exactly sure what tint level I wanted.We’ll talk more about that.But he sort of pushed me in the right direction, and I’m really happy with what we chose.

So the first step he’s doing here is just quickly wiping down the window.When I say quickly, again, he’s going to go crazy on cleaning it.Now here, he’s putting baby powder.And he lightly wipes it around the glass, just so there’s anon-stick factor to it.And I’m not sure if it’s unique to him, but it’s pretty neat because the film that he’s about to put.